At Northwood, the Young Adults ministry is focused on community and fellowship, aiming to provide Christ-centered relationships for 18–30 year- olds as they set out to find their place in the world and understand who God is and who they are. If that sounds like you, you’re in the right place! You can get plugged into the ministry via our link, where you can join our Discord server (our main communication platform), join a group, or get more info about the church!


Every month, we host ministry-wide Young Adults events for everyone at the church to take part in: worship nights, game nights, lake days, waterpark runs, potlucks, Whirlyball—the list goes on! We provide childcare where we are able for our young parents. Through the year, there are multiple opportunities to travel with the ministry. Whether you’re going to Vietnam as part of the Young Adults mission trip, headed to a relaxing lake weekend for the annual fishing trip with the guys, or hanging out at a much-needed weekend retreat with some of your closest friends, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to engage with the community and grow lasting relationships.

Young Professionals (YP)
Young Adult Men’s (YAM)


We believe that one of the most crucial things to have when deepening your walk with the Lord is a community, a family. We want all Young Adults to feel like they have a home in Northwood and are a part of the family, and through this family deepen our desire for a relationship with Jesus.


From the time Young Adults leave home and step out on their own, they are responsible for making sense of the world around them—and understanding the Lord’s plan for their lives. Jesus taught the disciples to pursue Him through intimate teaching and community, and we mirror that through our groups-based culture and Christ-centered community.


One of the main characteristics of being a Young Adult is constant change in this transitional stage of life. Between 18 and 30, there are an amazing number of paths people can take. Some go to college, some get married, some begin a career— some do them all! Regardless of the course your life takes, we want to empower you to take the teachings of Jesus into each of those domains to grow the Kingdom of God.