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There are 35,000+ students within a 5-mile radius of Northwood Church. These students are impacting the world in significant ways. Never in the history of the world has a more creative, gifted, and passionate generation existed.

At Northwood we believe every generation has the responsibility to reach the next generation! Our approach to student ministry is simple: Adults equipping students to live and love like Jesus.

Be Disciples

Being a disciple of Jesus is all about enjoying God! Jesus invited his disciples to come and experience the fullness of what life has to offer. Life is best lived in relationship with God and with others.

Make Disciples

Jesus’ impact on culture didn’t happen through social media or writing a book. Jesus impacted culture by deeply investing in 12 people, His disciples. He taught them how to have a relationship with God, and to take part in His restorative work in the world. God also calls us to make disciples! We do so in the same way, by investing in people and teaching them to take an active part in God’s restorative work.

Live as Family

Family can be complicated. For followers of Jesus ‘family’ is not only by birth or adoption but also by our relationship with our Heavenly Father. In a sense, Jesus redefines family. Our family is diverse. We speak different languages, enjoy different things, and see the world differently. When we embrace family we live and love like Jesus.

Wednesday Night Student Gathering

6:30-8:00pm | Plex | High School and Middle School

This is a high-energy service with music, fun, exciting games, and small groups.

Sunday Morning 9:00 Service

Plex | High School and Middle School

We come together during the first service to hang out and meet with our small groups. In our groups, we learn to hear from God, both through the Bible and community.

Sunday Morning 11:00 Service

10:30am | Worship Center & Foyer | High School and Middle School

At 10:30am, we encourage all students to go to the Student Lounge located in worship center foyer to get ready to attend the 11am worship service!

Email for more information.