11:00 am | Plex Student Building | Grades 7-12  At 11:00am Students will meet for a time of Bible study, community and fun.



6:00-8:00pm | Plex Student Building | Grades 7-12 This is a high-energy service with music, fun, exciting games, and small groups.


As students, you are not too young to experience God’s love in personal ways- nor are you too young to step into His story for your life. We also acknowledge that you are more than just your school career, one day you will graduate high school and college and be left with the person who has been with you all these years… you.


Because of this, we are committed to holistically discipling students in a way that is authentic.


At Northwood, we believe every generation has the responsibility to reach the next generation! Our approach to student ministry is simple: Adults equipping students to live and love like Jesus.


We want to inspire students to enjoy God! When we awaken to how precious and necessary our relationship with God is, we find a deep sense of security, love, and guidance unlike no other. Jesus taught us to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness- we teach our students to do the same by teaching the disciplines that help believers pursue intimacy with God.


We want to equip students to live as family. Family can be complicated. For followers of Jesus ‘family’ is not only by birth or adoption but also by our relationship with our Heavenly Father. In a sense, Jesus redefines family. Our family is diverse. We speak different languages, enjoy different things, and see the world differently. When we embrace family we live and love like Jesus.


We want to mobilize students to impact culture. Jesus’ impact on culture didn’t happen through social media or writing a book. Jesus impacted culture by deeply investing in 12 people, His disciples. He taught them how to have a relationship with God, and to take part in His restorative work in the world. We do so in the same way, by investing in students and teaching them how to step into God’s story for their lives- which inspires them to take an active part in God’s restorative work.