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Mission’s Month 2020

Thanks to your generosity

Much has been accomplished in 2020…
But greater things are still to be done in 2021

Serving Globally



Number of Volunteers 137 150
Trips 0 10
Training Workshops 50 40
Water Filters 100 200
Water Buffalos 10
Summer Camps 2 4
Construction Projects 2 5
Lives Directly Impacted 18,504 20,000

Serving Locally



Total Volunteers 470 600
Lives Directly Impacted 2,500 3,500

Church Planting



Churches Started 2 5
Turbo 1 2
Cohorts 0 8

Every November Northwood Church celebrates all the mission work that God has empowered us to do both locally and globally in the past year. On this page, you will see some snapshots of what we have been able to accomplish due to our church family’s commitment to generosity. Help us continue to move forward with this impactful work in 2021 by giving a one time or recurring gift to Northwood Missions!

Local Missions

Due to the generosity of our church family, we were able to respond to the immense challenges we were faced with over the course of the year. We’ve had the opportunity to serve communities like Skyline Mobile Home Estates, Watauga Senior Center, Watauga Elementary School, West Birdville Elementary School, and more. We were also able to respond to school closures due to COVID-19 by supplying families who normally depend on free and discounted school lunches with groceries and boxed lunches as well as set up a donation drive for hurricane relief. It is the commitment of Northwood to become known as a church that is all about showing the love of Christ by serving and being active members of our local community.

Our Local Impact

Every weekday during the shutdown, our volunteers got together to pack and distribute lunch boxes for low-income families in the mobile home community where we are engaged. We also got to partner with local businesses such as Jersey Mike’s Subs and Domino’s Pizza to provide free sandwiches and pizzas to the children in this community. About 1,000 lunch boxes and grocery bags were donated over the course of a two-month period.

Seniors are particularly vulnerable during this pandemic. Together we have provided hundreds of care packages to seniors in our own communities, donated snack bags and grocery bags to seniors at Haltom City Senior Center and Watauga Senior Center. A new Senior Care Loministry was also born out of this. We currently serve 11 families of seniors at the Skyline Community. We provide food and supplement care packages biweekly or as needed. Thanks to your generosity, we have also been able to provide them with ac units, fans, furniture, water dispensers and more.

Our church members continue to serve at West Birdville Elementary and Watauga Elementary Schools during this uncertain time. It has definitely been a challenging year for our educators, and we are committed to supporting them however we can. Our volunteers made beautiful cookies to send to the teachers for Teacher’s Appreciation Month (which brought tears of joy to the school counselor’s eyes). We provided for families who are in need, assisted teachers with their classroom needs, helped with drop-off and pickup, and provided school supply bags for the teachers.

On top of a global pandemic, many cities across the Southern United States were impacted by the devastation of Hurrican Laura. Northwood was able to organize a donation drive that provided essential emergency supplies to those who were in need.

Vietnam Missions

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Northwood’s mission work in Vietnam and it was a year like no other. This spring we had to pivot from our normal Vietnam trip schedules and innovate ways that we could continue serving in our domains from halfway across the globe. Many volunteers were able to translate their skills and vocations to host Virtual Classes and Training for Vietnamese teachers and other business professionals. Due to our established presents in Vietnam, existing outreach and service projects were able to continue serving those who are impoverished and in need.

In 2020 we directly impacted a total of 18,504 people in Vietnam! Sign up for a trip today!

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