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At Northwood, we’re seeking a healthy culture of biblical community where individuals can belong and thrive in their walk with Jesus. This means helping people become self-sustaining disciples that can hear and obey God at any time, in all places. We call this type of discipleship living the transformed life—or T-Life for short. In a short phrase, we want every disciple at Northwood to live and love like Jesus (to the best of your ability each day) in their domains (places where you live,work, play) of society.

We want this for you individually, but we also want it for you collectively. When we as disciples are part of a people committed to one another and to Jesus—this community enable us to connect more fully—to our purpose, to our families, and to God. At Northwood, groups are how we do this. Groups where we intentionally focus on connecting to people and your purpose—as you learn how to step more fully into God’s story for your life, wherever you may be! We encourage you to commit to trying a group or two for several weeks and see how God begins to work in your life and theirs.

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