Serve in Vietnam

We feel it is important for our members to take their faith outside our church walls and to make an impact for Jesus Christ not only in our community but around the world. God has called Northwood to serve the countries of Vietnam and Belize.

NorthWood members have been serving communities in north Vietnam since 1995, using their vocational skills, gifts and passions to meet needs and impact lives. This year, NorthWood will send at least 10 teams to Vietnam, impacting multiple areas / domains in each of the communities we serve.  In Hanoi we work with orphanages, universities, hospitals, and the business community. We have also adopted villages in the mountains of Lao Cai Province, where we have an impact in the areas of health, hygiene, education, construction, agriculture, and economics.

Student Exchange Program

Since 2000 NorthWood families have hosted 66 exchange students during their junior / senior year of high school. Many of these students go on to attend universities in the United States and will return to Hanoi and become Vietnam’s future leaders. For more information about hosting an exchange student please contact Glocal Impact.

Glocal Ventures Inc.

NorthWood Church engages in Vietnam via our own non-profit organization called Glocal Ventures Inc. (GVI). For more information about GVI and NorthWood’s work there, go to the Glocal Ventures web site.


2018 Vietnam Trip Calendar

Trip Date Registration Due Trip Type
Mar 15 – Mar 23 Dec 21, 2017 Explore Vietnam
April 20 – Apr 28 Jan 16 Medical Care
May 21 – May 25 Feb 20 Marriage/Family
June 29 – July 10 Feb 12 Orphan Care / Sports Camp
July 19 – July 31 Apr 9 General & Special Education
Sept 21 – Sept 29 Jun 20 Medical Care
Sept 21 – Sept 29 Jun 20 Technology
Oct 2 – Oct 12 Jun 27 Music
Oct 12 – Oct 20 Jul 9 Community Development
Oct 19 – Oct 29 Jul 12 Ladies Group
Oct 19 – Oct 29 July 12 Women’s Union Training Trip
October 29- November 8 July 23 Child Abuse Prevention

All trips require a valid passport when you register for a trip.  If you need a passport or need to renew one, go to and start the process now! Passports can take up to 4 weeks to be issued.

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