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T-Life Intensive Class


December 2


9:00 am - 12:30 pm


Fellowship Hall


Linda Franklin
817-656-8150 x117



Event Details:

This one-day class offers an accelerated option for going through the T-Life Class for those who have conflicts with the 4-week class.

“T-Life” is a term you’ll hear a lot around NorthWood Church. T-Life is shorthand for Transformed Life. You see, from the time Jesus comes into your life, the Holy Spirit continues to transform your life—the way you think, act and relate to others.

We are offering this one-day class on various Saturday mornings at 11am in the Fellowship Hall that will again visit the foundational ways in which NorthWood uses T-Life as our discipleship model.

The T-Life model begins with “Up” and your relationship with God. Next is “In,” and that represents your relationship with others within the Body of Christ. The Bible tells us we were created to do great things for God’s Kingdom, so the last part of the T-Life model is “Out”.

The T-Life Class will give you practical ways to incorporate the T-Life principles into your daily living! From starting a habit of journaling to using your job skills to help others, the T-Life Class will literally help you transform your life!

Register online by clicking the button below or register in person on Sundays at the Information Center in the Village.