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February 23 - February 25






Alison Martinez
817-656-8150 x122


$ 65

Event Details:

DNOW is an annual event for ALL middle school and high school students. Register by Jan 24 for $65 or by Feb 7 for $75. This event will be a weekend filled with fun and fellowship and is a great way for students to grow in their walk with Christ! It’s vital that your Student understands the Gospel. We want to help him or her grasp the true nature of Christ’s sacrifice, and to understand the power of the new life He provides. DNOW puts the focus on these concepts. Your Student is about to embark on a study entitled Exchange: Gaining Through Giving Up, a powerful time of Bible study and application. Exchange will guide your Student to see the Gospel and the impact it has on their lives through the lens of various “exchanges.” Exchange will introduce your Student to the following key exchanges:
•The Great Exchange, where Christ exchanged Heaven for earth and His holiness for our sin, all that we might exchange death for life.
•The exchange of self for Christ, which speaks to how students view the leadership of their lives.
•The exchange of hate for love, helping students understand that we are called to love others.
•The exchange of comfort for calling, where students are challenged to accept Christ’s call to actively engage in being messengers of the Gospel.